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Celebrate the people you love.
Everyone has a unique story of value, and Life Story Books are the perfect way to celebrate these stories.


If you are looking for a special birthday or anniversary gift, choose a Life Story Book to show a parent or grandparent that their story is worth celebrating and sharing.

Why Life Story Books?

Family sharing a Life Story Book

Capture your family stories
Knowing where you’ve come from, helps inform where you want to go. Research shows that young people’s emotional resilience is directly linked to an understanding of their own family stories. Life Story Books are an investment for the future- capturing precious family history that will treasured for generations to come.

Connect with life
Life Story books are the ultimate feel good projects. They are a chance to pause and recognise what makes us happy, we can reflect on life lessons, informing plans for the future. Sharing these stories is also a great way to connect with those around us- telling your story on your terms. 

A lone figure embracing Life
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