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Questions and Answers

What will my book look like?

We aim to produce a beautifully presented hardback coffee table book, to your preferred size and finish. We carry samples of the different papers/ finishes so that you can see how you book will turn out.
What can I include in my life story?

Whatever you want! Most people take a chronological approach to their story. but you can also focus on particular themes that are also important to you.
Is Presenting Your Past a biography service?

The life story package that we offer is designed to record valuable memories and milestones. It is not an in-depth biographical memoir, but do contact us if this is something you want to pursue, and we can discuss other possibilities.
Can I include photos?

Absolutely! Your life story should be a perfect blend of narrative and pictures. We can offer creative solutions as to how you can achieve this mix.
I don’t have many photos- how can I illustrate my book?

Don’t worry- we have access to thousands of images, so we can creatively illustrate your story. For example, perhaps sourcing an old photo of the town you lived in, or the front cover of your favourite book. If you enjoy gardening, we could superimpose text over a picture of your favourite flower. The possibilities are endless!
What if I can’t remember very much?

Don’t be concerned if your memories are a little hazy. Our resources are designed with this in mind, and the 1-1 sessions are particularly helpful in drawing out long-forgotten memories.
What does 'Print-ready' mean?

Our DIY packages don't include printing costs as these can vary considerably depending on the size and finish of your book. Some people may be happy with Word printouts of their Story, whereas other people are looking for hardback premium productions. We recommend working with British printing company Bob Books, as they offer high quality and competitive prices- with prices starting at £14.99 

What can I do in advance of my 1-1 session?

Start digging out old photos, certificates, reports, diaries- anything else that you would like to include.  Jot down any memories that these may trigger, and we can discuss these during your interview.
You could also talk with friends and family and ask if they can remember any memorable events that you might include.
How long does it take to write my life story? 

We work with 3 Life Story templates, the first focuses on your pictures, and can be completed in days. The second captures more of your stories and can be completed in weeks. The third option is more detailed in terms of pictures and stories and can take a couple of months to complete.
Our 10 point plan helps break this down into manageable hour long sessions.

How do I know that my personal information will be kept private?

When you sign your contract for the bespoke life story package, we also sign a contract guaranteeing your confidentiality. Absolutely none of your details will be passed onto third parties without your consent.

What areas do you cover?

We offer our 1-1 services in Hampshire, Surrey, and West Sussex. However, projects further afield are also considered with additional(modest!) travelling expenses charged for travel 20 miles beyond Haslemere. Much of the project can also be completed online / by email and phone. 

Both our DIY packages can be successfully delivered online and by phone.

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