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Presenting Your Past is a family affair.
As a keen writer, big sister Rachel is passionate about capturing people’s stories.
As a child, I loved listening to familiar family stories. They gave colour to the old black and white photos and faded family trees.  However, as I grew older, we somehow lost some of these stories. Details were forgotten or confused. I really wish that someone had written down these stories, so that I could now pass them onto my children too.

Rachel has a wide range of communication expertise, having worked as a researcher for numerous BBC TV and and radio programmes, and also working as a Government press officer.  More recently, she published a novel for young people, "War Pigeon, Peace Dove"
For little sister Alice, it isn’t just about the stories, but it’s about the pictures too.
We all know the phrase, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ I couldn’t agree more! However, without context and a little explanation, it’s often difficult to look back and remember the story behind the picture.
“Our aim at Presenting Your Past, is to create beautiful books, that will be treasured for generations to come.

Alice has worked as an artist's agent for the past decade, working with national and international artists. She has a keen eye for design and can advise on the layout of your book, digitally improve old photos, or even commission new artwork to help illustrate your story.

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